Visiting Team

Welcome to Notre Dame! We are excited to show your alumni, family and friends the Notre Dame Football VIP Experience.

Complete with all the amenities you would need before heading into the stadium to cheer on your team, our Visiting School Football VIP experience will leave you with a positive, lasting impression of your visit to the University of Notre Dame.

Who is it for?

Fans of the opposing team in groups of all sizes

Where is it?

Inside the Notre Dame Hospitality Village or Purcell Pavilion, both a short walk to Notre Dame Stadium

What you can expect with your visiting school package:

  • Private unit within Hospitality Village or Purcell Pavilion
  • Private bar and buffet setup*
  • Custom signage for your group or company
  • Custom bar paneling (with logo of your choice)
  • Access credentials for all guest, specific to your area
  • Credentials and game programs for each guest

* Food and beverage costs are separate